Commissioning A Bronze Sculpture!

The creation of an original piece of fine artwork is a personal and interactive process. It is important for you to understand the process and for me to understand what you are looking for. Though there is a process, there are no hard and fast rules. The free flow of ideas, facts and feelings are essential to the completion of a commission.

One of the best ways to get to know my artwork and me is through this website. Take some time to look at my Sculpture Gallery. Get an idea of my style. What you see here represents what I have done, but it is not the extent of my artistic range.

Each commission is unique. Any one of my pieces can be enlarged, lengthened, altered, and adapted to fit your specific space.

You'll find I am very flexible and easy to work with. I enjoy a challenge! If my artwork is something you are interested in, please contact me and we can discuss the details. I will also give you an idea of my current work schedule.

The nature of the consultation will depend upon you. To best help us both I would like to see where the art will be placed. Photos and videos are helpful. We will also use e-mails and faxes to keep in contact. I will be creating a piece of art that is right for you and your family to enjoy everyday.

I can create both large scale and smaller pieces to fit your needs. Price depends on many factors which include, size, duration of piece, shipping and possible installation. The evolution of the piece will affect the cost, and not always higher. Simpler is sometimes better.

Upon final approval, I require a 1/3 deposit to get started, which is refundable; then a 1/3 payment on completion of the clay work to your satisfaction, either by your welcomed visit to my studio or via photos, then final payment would be due on the casting and completion of your finished sculpture.

I have a truck and a large flatbed trailor for delivery in person of the larger bronzes to "wherever" on this continent. I have also worked closely with ABF International for overseas shipments and I receive a rather large discount from them. "We can do it!" I can supply you with quite a list of references if you wish, no problem.

Thank you for your interest in my Artwork!

Commissions Commissioning A Bronze Sculpture - Commissioning A Bronze Sculpture!

Commissions Commissioning A Bronze Sculpture - Commissioning A Bronze Sculpture!

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